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[Tool] ARM Template Generator V3 - Will coaming soon ....

Hello everybody,

I'm very happy the 8Paul is sharing the source code with me? CUSATUM will support 8Paul to maintain and bug fixing some things which were reported by some customers.

But Let me know your bugs you need to solve, but even more important, what is your need? Which Features are missing or which usability shall be enhanced.

Since the project is free of charge, it could take time to enhance the tool, but it will. I promise.

Send me info here in the chat or to my office mail,

Who of you which don't know me and if you can trust me, I'm Mike the developer #1 of 8MAN which is ARM now. So ARM is still your baby and we deliver a lot of services around the 8MAN/ARM.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lot of feedback for me.

  • Hello, where can I download the template generator? Is it possible to generate random strings in it too? We create certain accounts with a partly randomly generated string and that would be awesome.

  • The current one (2.1) you can download here. For the V 3 I don't get more feature request so it makers no sense to improve. I can create scripts an load with ARM version 2023.2.

    Regarding your request, where exactly you need randomly strings? Which LDAP property? You can use regex in the creation rules. If you need random values during each call of the template, the creationrule is the only way.

  • May I suggest a new thread for V3 feature requests? I know quite a few people that would reply :)

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