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Run AD scan via script file


is there a way to trigger an AD scan via script file?

When an AD account is locked, this is not visible in ARM in real time.
However, it is possible to activate an alarm which is triggered when an AD account is locked. The alarm can then be used to start a script.

In this way, locked AD accounts would be immediately visible in the ARM.

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  • Cool Idea, and yes there is an unofficial way to trigger. Look into the ARM installation directory and look for the file "app8ManCommand.exe --help". There is a recan for the OnPrem AD. Unfortunately, it is unofficial and could be "removed" every release :-(. It would be great if all that function would go into the official Web API.

  • I have created a script that triggers the AD scan.
    When I run the script manually, it works fine.
    However, when the script is run as a result of an account lockout alert, the execution always fails with the message that the collector is unreachable.

    Do you have any idea what the problem could be?

  • I believe it is the user which runs the script. In user mode you are using an account which has admin rights in ARM. In your alert script, you might be running the script in system context or a user which does not have any access right in ARM. You would see it in the "pnJob.log" which user is used for calling the alert script. You need to configure a user in the script configuration page within the configuration of ARM. 

    If you already configured a user, be sure that this user is an administrator of ARM.

    Hope that helps.

  • Thanks for the suggestion, I had already tried that. Unfortunately, the same error still occurs.

    By the way, the error message refers to the FQDN of the collector.
    But in the collector overview in the ARM configuration the collector is only set up under its simple name, not as FQDN.

    The collector is the ARM server itself.
    Do you know if it is possible to rename the collector in the ARM configuration?
    When I right click on the collector, all entries in the menu are grayed out.
    I can rename additional collectors without any problem, but not the ARM server collector.

  • Which version are you using? It should be fixed with 2022.

  • Thanks for the hint!

    We still have 2021.4.2 installed, but I will upgrade to 2022 soon.

  • Could you update and is it working now?

  • Thanks for asking, unfortunately I have not been able to update yet.

    I will keep you informed.

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