new remote mailbox over arm ???

Hi together,

is there a way to create a remotemailbox from hybrid exchange for o365 ???

for example in the showing list? 

Our envirmont are as following.

all mailboxes are o365 we have a local smtp relay and can create new mailboxes here. not usermailsbox but 365 mailbox and its fine.

but my 8man / arm scripts only create a local mailbox on that onprem exchange server and i cant convert to 365.

can i change the settings from for example new-mailbox to new-remotemailbox ??? not regular but remotemailbox???

Maybe a script i can start after only creating a ad user ??? the standard procedure from solarwinds isnt good in my organisaion.

i want that our helpdesk can create a user with mailbox from the tool and not must wait till synchd with 365 and after that give license and so on...

Any ideas here to automatically create a user with mailbox for 365 ??? 

/* (optional) If you delete/disable the following section the created mailbox is not set and will be regular (of type user). */
"Name": "aspiredMailboxType",
"Definition": {
"Type": "DropDownList",
"DefaultValue": "User",
"Label": "['en-us:Mailbox type','de-de:Mailboxtyp','fr-fr:Type de boîte aux lettres']",
"Items": [
"Value": "User",
"DisplayValue": "Regular"

"Value": "Shared",
"DisplayValue": "Shared mailbox"
"Value": "Room",
"DisplayValue": "Room"
"Value": "Equipment",
"DisplayValue": "Equipment"
"IsRequired": true

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