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Bulk update user with different attributes using CSV file

Hi Everyone,

i'm new in solarwinds. is it possible to update several users with different attributes at once by importing CSV files?

  • Hi,

    there's not a direct and easy way.

    You could only use the Web API (REST) to do this and would need to write a script to do so.

    If you actually have a proper CSV I would probably use a PowerShell script to directly change it. Way easier and probably can be found with Google.



  • Hi Björn,

    Thanks for the advice. I hope this will become a new feature in ARM. Using a web API (REST) ​​may be good, but users will find it difficult to maintain if used as the main tools(scripts) for routine activities.

    as well as Powershell, I think we agree, it will be easy to find in the google 




  • In most companies it's not common that a lot of attributes for several employees change at the same time.

    It's good to finally fill the attributes (lots of companies don't work with them) or if your company is large enough that a bulk-import is the easiest solution.

    If the values are the same, you might want to check out Analyze in the Web UI. It allows editing multiple users at once, as long as the values are the same.

    You said routine activity. Why are so many attributes for so many people change so often?

  • To modify users via CSV import,
    Select the Management tab.
    Click the Modify users link under CSV import.
    Import the CSV file and click OK. ...
    This will list all users and their attributes.
    Click update to update the information in Active directory.
    Click the Update in AD button

  • That's the nearly word for word explanation how to do it with ADManager Plus, not a SolarWinds product.

    ARM can not do this.

  • Hi   

    Sorry, I haven't replied to this in a very long time.

    yes, indeed this is a special case that happened in our company. related to the frequent changes in attributes that occur, this is because the business model and teamwork are somewhat unique compared to other companies. such as changing several roles and work areas for at least a span of 3 months.