[Exclusive Webcast] Step Up Threat Detection with Security Observability

In an evolving, complex, distributed, and dynamic IT environment, security observation is necessary to make everything in IT more secure. Currently, IT teams focus on continuous monitoring as it is the most effective way to manage an environment proactively. However, SecObs helps organizations better understand their environments' complexities and security threats while providing real-time visibility to help prevent, detect, and remediate security issues.  

This webcast will discuss the importance of Security Observability and how customers can identify risks, vulnerabilities, and compliance status on a dedicated security dashboard. Learn more about: 

  • Free Vulnerability Dashboard Integration in Hybrid Cloud Observability Advanced 
  • Upgrades in Security Access Rights Manager and Patch Manager 

From managing access rights across the infrastructure to actively monitoring for suspicious activity and responding to real-time threats to compliance reporting, these solutions can help security teams increase productivity while keeping security costs in check. 

North America & LATAM Event Date: June 27th, 10 AM CST - Register Now

EMEA & APAC Event Date: July 4th, 10 AM GMT - Register Now