Some questions regarding ARM - getting started

Hi there.

I just wanted to ask a few questions about things I would like to set up in ARM but I cannot find anything in this forum about or on the web.

Just got my trial license last week and want to buy ARM asap to free up resources.


is it possible to remove the need for logging in with "domain\username" or "username@domain" when you only have one domain?

We are a small organization with mostly IT-dummies, so just using the "username" would help us a lot.


I have noticed when a user requests new permissions in ARM, then it seems that the permissions are set twice. One time in a group and one time on the item directly.

Apparently the one permission is deleted a few days later. What is the purpose of this? Does it need to be like this, or can it be set to a single permission straight away?


When I request a permission as a user through the website, ARM creates a group. (I believe this has to do with the group wizard doing its magic)

When I set a permission inside ARM client as an admin, it gives the permission directly to the folder, apparently ignoring the group wizard.

Will ARM at some point automatically consolidate the permissions or will they stay separated like that?

Any ideas around this?

Grateful for any thoughts. Thanks in advance.