Doesn't seem to be much of development on ARM

Doesn't seem to be much of development on ARM. No new features, no new production releases, just security fixes. 8man (ARM) was such a great and inovative product ran by a cool company call Protected Networks. Then it was sold to Solarwinds... I think we have to move to another product

  • Hello allmecht,

    Appreciate your concern but importantly, will acknowledge that. We are working on structurally addressing the customer experience issue we have with both the thick and thin clients. As part of that, this year in 2024, we are focusing on removing the thick client dependency for AD and Entra ID (Azure AD) completely and make all workflows available on the thin client. As such, the WWWO page we have here is still valid for 2024 -  What We're Working On for ARM (Updated: October 18, 2023) 

    Once we do that, we will be able to proceed with good pace in bringing other applications to the thin client much easily. We also have plans to integrate new applications and workflows to the product as well next year but will be very interested to know your requirements.

    Feel free to DM me with your pain points and requirements and we will be happy to listen.

  • Hello aannavar,

    I assume that the thick client will be supported less and less in the future.
    I haven't worked much with the web client yet, but I have the feeling that it is more complicated to use than the thick client.
    For example, when you search for an object, you always have the search bar at the top in the thick client. The closest thing to this in the Web Client is probably the Cockpit tab, but I have not yet found a way to filter which type of objects should be searched for.
    Managing permissions on file server resources also seems much more complicated to me.

    Are there any plans to harmonise the user experience in the web client with the thick client?

    Kind regards

  • Yes, that is correct. The plan is to make it easy with the web client

  • There's still a lot to be done to make the web client a serious alternative, but thank you for letting us know.

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