User Template - attribute userAccountControl can't be set


I'm trying to create a template for accounts with the option "NOT_DELEGATED"

This is set in the attribute useraccount control, this value should be set to

1049088 in decimal or
"0x100200" as hex value.

I tried both values with

        "Name": "userAccountControl",
        "isHidden": false,
        "isHiddenFromRequester": false,
    "IsRequired": true,
        "Definition": {
          "Type": "FixedValue",
          "Label": "Kontooptionen",
          "Description": "Kontooptionen",
          "Value": "1049088",
          "DisplayValue": "1049088"

under LDAP Attributes. But the value is not changed and the users are created with 512 (0x200)  - (Normal Account)

Can this only be changed after creation? Or is there any other option to set this automatically?

Thank you in advance