User management in a multi domain environment

Currently we only have a single domain. However, due to a segmentation of our network for security reasons, we will have several domains in the future.

It should not be a problem to install collector servers in the new domains and use them to manage users and groups in the respective domains.

What I am wondering now:
Suppose a new employee starts and needs a user in all domains.
Is it possible to create all users at the same time using a single template?
I am aware that the users are not synchronised after creation, but it would simplify the creation process itself if you could select in ARM whether a user should only be created in one domain or in several domains.

If the ARM does not offer this option, the only way it would work would be to run a Powershell script after creating a user.
The problem is that you would then have to give the script the credentials for the admin account of the respective domain, while the ARM already knows these credentials.

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