What's New in Access Rights Manager (ARM) 2021.4?

We’re pleased to announce a new version of SolarWinds® Access Rights ManagerTm (ARM) - version 2021.4 - is now available.

The features and updates continue to help you provide simplified self-service permission management, with audit capabilities to support and execute on the compliance needs of your organization.

Access the latest version of ARM in the Customer Portal and solarwinds.com.

What’s New?

  • Extended Configuration Wizard

With the enhancements in the Configuration Wizard, customers now can add resources to ARM, change the configuration of resources already added, and manage monitoring.

  • New Resource View in the Web Client

Data Owners can view the permissions for the resources they’re responsible for in the web client.

  • Recertification Improvements for Data Owners

Changes made since the last recertification can now be easily identified, making it easier to pinpoint anything still pending.

  • Improved Scanning Performance for Windows® Distributed File Systems (DFS)

Customers can now scan DFS namespaces and their sites separately via assigned collectors.

Other Improvements

The navigation in the web client has been renewed to match the look and feel of other SolarWinds products.

Next Steps

Check the release notes for more information on this release and for instructions on how to upgrade.

If you’re reading this and not already using SolarWinds Access Rights Manager, we encourage you to check out the free download. It’s free. It’s easy. Give it a try!

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