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WPM Playback Pools vs Locations

We have five different "locations" we use for WPM Transaction playback.  It would be nice if those locations were actually Pools and not individual servers.  My layout consists of 6, 3, 2, 2, 2 servers in the five locations, and I really don't care "which" server the transaction is assigned to in that location, I just want it played back from that location.  Plus, it would help me more easily just add another server to the Location Pool, to handle increased transaction assignments in that location, instead of having to worry about individual transactions being assigned to individual servers and having to write custom SQL scripts to retain the history and move them to a "new" location just because I had to re-balance the servers within a common location / pool.  Automate that for us, please.  Then we could spend more time doing the things that matter and not just the tedious hacks and work-arounds to not lose history while managing our infrastructure.