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WPM - ADFS Aware

Hi All

we currently use ADFS for SSO for our internet and i was asked for a WPM Recording to keep track of the load time of the webpage, It seems that WPM is not able to record a transaction where ADFS is involved.

As ADFS is going to be used more and more for SSO the ability to record transactions with ADFS authentication would be great.

Searching Thwack there is a few people asking the same question regarding this so i thought i would create the Feature request to get the ball rolling emoticons_wink.png


  • Well I've added my vote (April 4, 2017) as we're using ADFS but now I'm stuck without being able to monitor several critical web pages! I actually logged a ticket with support and they directed me to this page bu I have no idea how long the WPM development team will take to support ADFS. It's already been five months since this page was created.