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over 1 year ago

Unmanage Transactions for WPM User role

We have a need for WPM users to unmanage transactions they are responsible for when they have maintenance windows without wanting them to be WPM admins.

  • Follow up: 

    I tested the solution of making a transaction/node dependency where the node is the parent and it didn't seem to have the affect I was hoping for. Unmanaging the node still left the transaction up and running when I assumed it would also unmanage. 

    Given that, I would still like see if we can get the WPM maintenance tasks moved under non-admin context like nodes and applications.

  •  Thanks for the suggestion. That's a very interesting workaround and I certainly see how that can be useful. 

  • Hello  and ,
    If maintenance window is a task where you plan some activities like for example updates on a server which host a web app monitored by the WPM and that maintenance window requires to block access to that server or for example, shut down the server application which host the web page like for IIS then you can add that server as a node and create a dependency between that node and transaction and if the node is down then the transaction will not generate any alerts. In that case, there is no need to grant WPM admin role to regular users to been able to unmanaged the transaction. You don't have to even unmanaged it at all. If I'm not mistaken You can also create a dependency with the Application instead of Node. I might be wrong in details but you can always ask SolarWinds support for help in this. 

  • I've always wanted this as the various app owners reach out to the SW admins to unmanage instead of being able to do it themselves.