over 1 year ago

Hotfixes in Orion web should be updated in Zip file


For the WPM, there exists now 8 hotfixes. Some of them you're supposed to update the inetpub folder. But if you apply these hotfixes, you need to remember to always apply them again whenever you do an upgrade which reinstall the inetpub folder.

I assume that whenever it reads the files for the WPM site, it uses the zip file located in C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\SEUM. So wouldn't it be better to update this zip file in a hotfix? Either by manually repacking the zip file, or getting a new zip file in the hotfix. Then you can simply run configuration wizard and reconfigure the website, which would then lead to have the hotfix applied correctly.

This would simplify the management of the hotfixes alot, and help those that are not thinking about reapplying the hotfixes after each update. (For example hotfix 1).

Best Regards