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over 2 years ago

Date manipulation in live transaction

Hi Guys,

One of the challenges we regularly face when running transactions it date fields for example booking a flight you can only do typically 12 months in advance or insurance you can only buy to start int he next 2 months. It would be really handy if in the text field you could use some macro to do basic arithmetic and date functions so you could for example dateadd(d,getdate(),2) would return a date 2 days from now ans use that in the field. I think we would probably need to implement at least the following macros






and some kind of date formatting function so you can format the results correctly for the txt field you are completing


  • One example would be  today's date - call it ${date)

    One of the health check's I've written looks at a status page for the word "completed" and then  looks for "${date}"  to see if tonight's batch processing has completed for today.

    Since I can only hard code items, I currently have to update the check in the recording on a daily basis.

    Another check would use a variable called ${Financial_Institution} so I can run against multiple sites and check for that institution's name on the site so I can alert when it appears.

  • Can you provide few examples of such variables, situations on which you would use it and how would the workflow look like?

  • I would even genericize this request further.  We need the ability to place variables into the transactions and have the ability to manipulate those variables based on external factors.

  • I must say without this it is pretty primitive. We really really need it.