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Better Space Out Transaction Playback Times

Anytime we have a maintenance window and all transactions stop, when they start up again, each playback server rushes to process all at once, instead of staggering them out through the 5 minute playback interval.  This causes an unnecessary burden on the playback server resources, and often requires me to follow up by manually staggering with a 1-2 minute unmanage until they are spaced out more evenly for playback.

A great alternative would be if the playback location analyzed the load and staggered their playback automatically.  If 10 transactions are assigned, then start one every 30 seconds so that they are evenly spaced across the 5 minute playback window.

Another alternative would be to add a CRON type custom property for each transaction, or multiple CRON entries - this would allow us to define daytime vs nighttime playbacks, and enter recurring maintenance windows for regularly scheduled activities.