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Not played - No element was clicked

Hi SolarWinds community,

I have installed the Free Trial of Web Performance Monitor, and I'm getting the Error "Not played - No element was clicked.". I recorded another web page, that is hosted on the same domain and it worked perfectly. What could be the cause of this error? Is it related to the programming language with which the website has been created, or something else?

A screenshot is in the attachment.

  • We received the same error.  It seems to be related to pages designed to work on mobile devices and selecting a button that would appear within a dropdown menu.  To resolve, we reduced the window size of the WPM recorder and perform the recording that way.  Reducing the window size of the WPM recorder made it display the page as it would on a mobile device.

  • I tried reducing the screen size down to 320X480 and it still didn't work for me.  What settings are you using?  Thanks!

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