Has anyone had this happen to their wpm?


First off. We run the recorders from a VDI environment. Has anyone ever had any issues at all running recorders from a VDI environment? Does it need to be on an app stream? The recorders require us to basically delete a user config file that's generated upon login to be able to login again. For example. I'll go into the VDI I'll clear the config file. Launch the recorders. It'll balk at me saying it experienced an error and do I want to send logs to solarwinds. If I cancel out it gives me the login prompt. I login and can recorder as I normally would. Than I close it down for the day. The next day I go to login. The recorder never prompts for anything. It just comes up on an offline state. Then if you chose file and click to connect to a server it does nothing. It will not connect. But if I follow the steps away and delete that user config file it allows me to login. 

The weird part about this is that it happened suddenly. The recorder was running fine for a whole year if not a bit longer. Then one day it just started giving us this trouble. We contacted solarwinds support and twice was told to uninstall and reinstall.

We did that to no avail. The recorder continues to give us trouble. To our knowledge nothing changed on the VDI. And as far as logs go I can't find anything and solarwinds seems to be on the same page with files I've sent them.

But at the end of the day it is an active problem. Users shouldn't be forced to have to delete the file as a work around just to get the recorder to work. I was wondering if anyone has seen something similar by chance.

And just the other day we had a separate issue happened. On our additional pollers a config XML file just went missing out of no where. We noticed this because it also caused the player on those servers to fail out and since they are on a HA pool, the pool kept failing back and forth due to both servers having failed WPM players on them. Not only that when this seum resource config xml file disappeared it also seem to reset the account settings as I had to reset up all the AD accounts back on to both servers.

Taking the xml file from out primary and putting it on the secondary fixed one problem and re-entering the ad accounts fixed the second problem. But it doesn't answer why the files just disappeared. And that's the root we are trying to find.

If anyone could help with insight that would be great! thanks.