WPM 2020.2.6 Player Settings Program Issue

Ok, I have a couple of windows 10 pc's running WPM players. I wanted to update the settings on the player and kept getting the "unable to load player settings from Agent Service. Error: An error occurred while sending this request."

I followed the instructions here: https://documentation.solarwinds.com/en/success_center/wpm/content/orionwpmagconfigurewpmplayersettings.htm - which indicates that you need to restart the player playback service. This does not help. 

I repaired the player and rebooted. Still issue occurs. I removed and reinstalled the player. Still beating my forehead on the keyboard. 

Inspiration occurred when I dislodged the keyboard from my forehead. Right click on the WPM PLayer Settings and choose RUN AS ADMIN. No Issues. 

My question - has anyone else noticed this?