Recording and Playing Back Recording on New WPM Recorder on Local Machine Throws Probe Error

I just upgraded to 2020.2.4 a few weeks ago and I am trying to upgrade our old legacy WPM checks to the new version.  I loaded up the new Recorder on my local PC and have set up the Orion Server Config to point to the Orion server.  Anyway, I made a very simple check to go to a website and check if texts exists.  I try playing back the recording an get this error.  Any ideas?

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  • Can you give this a try, either do not do a text match on your recording or if there is a text match use X,Y. First lets try and check if the issue is not with recorder and playback. Create a basic recording just to open and website and try play back that, let me know if a generic play back is working.

    Lets narrow down on the issue first.