Web Performance Monitor (WPM) 2019.4 Is Now Generally Available

I am very pleased to announce that WPM 2019.4 is now generally available in the customer portal.

WPM 2019.4 brings us several steps closer to completely replacing the old IE based recorder and player but it also brings us several net new features to talk about. When you open the new Chromium based recorder in 2019.4 you will find some additional familiar features from the original recorder are now available to you such as:

  • Image Match
  • X, Y Capture Mode
  • File Upload and Download steps

As you start using the recorder to create new transactions you will also find some new features that aim to make your life as a WPM user easier:

  • Responsive design support allows you to set a specific resolution on the transaction in order to emulate different devices that may interact with your web app (tablets, phones etc.)
  • Context switching allows for WPM to follow the flow when an action in your web page causes a new tab to be opened in the browser
  • RegEx support in text match allows you to perform advanced text matching

For a complete list of everything included in this release check out the Release Notes. We have also updated the System Requirements. There are also some great new Orion platform features delivered with this release of WPM. Read the release notes for Orion platform.

  • Orion Maps Improvements
  • Azure SQL Managed Instance Support
  • Native SolarWinds Service Desk Integration
  • Legacy Syslog & Traps Replaced with web based Log Viewer
  • Updated German & Japanese Localization

Included below are some screen shots and further info on each of the new features in 2019.4.

Responsive Design Support:

In today's world, it is increasingly true that the users accessing your web site are not doing so from a traditional PC. It is very likely that they are doing so from their phone, a tablet or some other device which does not necessarily support or have the screen real estate that a traditional PC monitor does. As the person who has been charged with monitoring your critical web apps, you want to be sure you can validate those users experience. To accomplish this, we added a set of text boxes at the top of the recorder that you can use to set the resolution when you begin recording your transaction. This resolution will be maintained for the duration of the transaction. If you decide you don't like a particular resolution or need to start over, just click the resize icon to the right of the text boxes. You can also resize the recorder itself and the tool will attempt to set the resolution automatically for you. Resolutions as small as "320 x 240" or as large as "3840 x 2160" are supported.

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Context Switching:

In previous versions of WPM if your web page contained an action that forced the browser to open a new tab WPM would lose visibility into that tab and your transaction would have to end there or you would have to find some workaround to accommodate that work flow. Starting with version 2019.4 WPM can now handle the jump from one tab context to another and allow you to create steps based on that resulting tab and then close the tab and return seamlessly to the previous tab and continue your transaction from there.

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RegEx support in Text Match:

Using Regular Expressions in Text Match is one of the most requested features for WPM. This advanced form of searching for text match allows you to specify a pattern rather than a specific one for one text match. As an example, if I need to validate my page contains or does not contain  the text "onward & upward" then I could use a RegEx like \w+.&.\w+ to indicate that I am looking for two words separated by an ampersand.

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