Proxy service availability monitoring

Dears, I have been using SAM,NPM,WPM Solarwinds modules. Would you assist me on what is the best way to monitor the availability of proxy service? I want to get alert from Solarwinds when our proxy service is down. 

  • Hi

    You do not mention what the proxy technology you are using is, but I would suggest the following approach for monitoring:

    1. Configure NPM/SAM polling of the device for KPI's (Device CPU, Memory, Traffic, Session counts, Session per second, service/process etc.). This will allow you to identify and analyse how the platform is used, trend analysis etc. Also if any service affecting element is in a faulted state

    2. Configure WPM to process traffic through the proxy for an end point URL. This will confirm if the 'service' the proxy is providing is actually working and how it is performing.

    3. Configure NetPath - potential option to see how network performance and the routing of the packets may be processed

    4. Syslog - capture log data from your proxy, which will enrich your visibility and understanding as and when issues occur

  • Thank you Roberts for your updates. Let me go through your mail..