Give us your use cases for WPM

As we continue to work on feature parity and refine the features in the new WPM 3.0 recorder we are interested to see how customers are using certain features in the old recorder so that we can insure we provide a useful experience. Here is your chance to help us with that goal. We are looking for use cases where the following features are required.

  • Image Match
  • X, Y Capture Mode
  • Conditional Blocks
  • File Upload / Download

If you have a use case (preferably with screen shots or an exported recording you are willing and able to share) please leave it in the comments below!


  • This is what I would do:

    • save the script locally.  It's a .web-recording  file
    • Open it with a text editor and update your password and save it
    • Open that copy with the recorder (verify it works) and save it to the orion server
  • The password is not in clear text in the file.  It is a simple feature that SW should bring back.

    Another feature - the ability to ignore certificate errors - should be brought back.

  • You don't need to re-record the whole transaction. You can edit text (like passwords) by opening the recording and then enter "Play action-by-action" mode (third button) and then you can click the three dots to the right of any action and select "Edit" (screen shots below). On your other ask for the ability to ignore certificate errors, we are currently working on that and other things related to certificates. We still ship and fully support the old recorder for this reason and some others where the new recorder is not yet at full feature parity.




  • Awesome JVB!  Thanks for that.  I never would have stumbled upon that process.

  • Ability to edit the URL in the recorder.  (I know the XML can be edited, but when you upload it again it thinks it is a new script and history is lost.)

    Ability to use variables in the script to make the script more dynamic.  (ie: current date / time stamp, or date / time stamp plus / minus X amount of minutes, or read in a list of values from a file.)

    Ignore specific HTTP response codes (ie: 401)

  • Hey jvb!! I was wondering if anymore has been done to try to implement Conditional Blocks and/or the ability to have a transaction continue to play on failure into WPM recorder. As it currently stands, we have multiple web transactions that do the exact same thing except for one step. What we would like to do instead of changing 20+ transactions, is to be able to combine these web transactions into one major one and then alert off of the individual steps that fail rather than a ton of different web transactions.

    Please let me know if you don't understand what I mean by this or need more clarification.


  • We are not actively working on conditional blocks at the moment but I would be interested in gathering a bit more detail from your use case. I'll reach out to you directly to schedule some time to talk.

  • I have 3 more features I would like to see implemented.

    1) When editing an existing recording (say to update a password), when saving back to Orion, don't overwrite manually adjusted step thresholds.  Even better would be to have a way to update text fields (e.g. username/password) directly in the  transaction monitor rather than the recording.

    2) Somewhat related and may resolve the above, allow recordings to use a credential set like NPM and SAM.  I had to update passwords in 20 recordings last night (then adjust the thresholds).  It would have been far easier to update a stored credential set.

    3) Have the ability to trigger different alerts based on text on a screen.  We host an ERP for clients that doesn't notify in advance of an expiring password.  It just expires.  I would like to send a specific "password expired on xyz" rather than "transaction down".    Transaction down is a high priority alert.  An expired password is a "fix it tomorrow" type of alert.  I try to keep a schedule of expiring passwords, but that doesn't help with this ERP because I have to wait for it to actually expire before I can change it.  Which is always at midnight of course.


  • Got it. Thanks for the input! Some of this is already captured in existing feature requests we have in the backlog. I'll reach out directly if I need more specifics.

  • changing passwords regularly for recordings is something we need as well. Going in to each recording and manually editing each password is not feasible. I second this.