Change recorder browser (WPM)


Actually the WPM uses the IE browser for the recorder, and for some sites we have problems with this browser, and we are having the same problems on the recorder.

There's any way to change the browser used by the recorder? (for Firefox or chrome)

  • I'm am testing out WPM and noticed that a lot of sites are not loading, is one and when I'm not in WPM  and on regular old IE site works fine. Obviously I don't care about yahoo but noticed some similar issues with some of my companies sites. Noticed some redirects won't work. I feel like the browser might be on an old SSL encryption like TLS -1 and the webservers are refusing the connection, just a guess though. Would rather see an add-on for IE rather than using IE modified browser that has locked settings. Upon further investigation I discovered a warning message on opening, "Your Windows IE security level is too high to ensure correct operation of the Web Performance Monitor Recorder "

  • Hi,

    yahoo works fine for me, so this can be some environmental issue. Are your websites public ? We can try that from our side, just create support ticket.


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