Pulling in specific charts from WPM transactions


What is the best way about pulling in SolarWinds WPM charts from 'Transaction Details - Summary'?  The way I am doing it now is through Custom HTML and using iframes, I feel like there is probably an easier way to do this.  This is the chart I want to pull into a WPM dashboard:


Here is my dashboard with the Custom HTML widgets:


Now this is all fine and dandy, but there are some pain points, I had to configure each chart with the 'Custom HTML', when trying to use these tabs with the 'NOC' view I get blank white screens instead:


Is there a better method of going about this?

Thank you!

  • Hi There,

    I've been through basically this, should be sortable through one of a few methods

    1) fix the iframes -> Probably download iframeallow on the wallboard pcs - This is obvjously sketchy and iframes are generally disallowed nowadays. Not recommended as it'll only work where that's installed.

    2) use a new UI element like perfstack (still on the same page with recent NPM patches)

    3) change the customHTML and resource to a flat image file -


    You can use <img src> codes instead of iframes if the element is a picture rather than anything with sliders and it's a lot easier to work with. I've tried passing one of my transaction availability ones directly into those chart elements I had setup and it didnt work on first attempt, but that can be sidestepped by placing the step in a group and then using the availability chart of the group instead. Might be a similar resource for flat transaction availability charts but I don't have it to hand. I've got a post in another thread with available chart types from the DB but I'll never get round to experimenting with 99% of em

  • Hi Adam,

    Thank you for showing me a workaround!  I will try implementing this method next week!

    Edit: I had some time to look into this, I guess I am not very familiar with how you set up your custom HTML widget.  Would you be able to tell me what you're referencing in your 'link' element and 'img' element?  I looked through your post history to see if I could find the available chart types post you mentioned but couldn't find that.  I'll try looking again though.  Thanks again.