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Client Email Layout Should Allow 'Recipients' to be on the Top.

When using Web Help Desk (WHD), email options allows the 'Tech' email layout to be adjusted so that the 'Recipients' section is at or near the top. This is not adjustable with the 'Client' email layout options. Unfortunately, because clients don't scroll down the bottom of the email, they do not see who has received a copy of the email message causing a lot of confusion and unnecessary forwarding of the message to others.

I would greatly appreciate the option to put the Recipient Section at or near the top of client emails to reduce this confusion and frustration our end users (as well as us) are experiencing.

  • The design for "Email Recipients" is so elementary and as a result is SO confusing.  The fact that they can't just use the Cc and Bcc fields like modern and normal email systems work today kills me.  But if they MUST stick with their design where the system literally sends HUNDREDS of individual emails out in a day (one individual email for each person Cc'd and Bcc'd) at least do us the favor of putting the indication of who the email went to AT THE TOP.  The developers of this product are all so's like they live in an alternate universe and design features that basically don't make sense.  It's a horrible product...really.