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over 2 years ago

Web help desk - Calendar

As the Applications Administrator for SIL International's Web Help Desk I have request for an extension of the features in the WHD Calendar.

1. When a Tech puts a ticket on the calendar is usually so that they can handle the problem later, sometimes weeks later.  We really need the calendar to popup reminders of tickets on the calendar for that day.   Most techs do not check their WHD calendar on a daily bases.   They need the reminder.  Maybe like the Messages icon shows that there is something to be handled.

2. Connecting the WHD calendar to an outside calendar system is great!  But we need to connect to more than just MS Outlook.  Many of the techs use Google Calendar, or other public domain calendar systems.

  • It would make me happy to think that SolarWinds really looks at these ideas.  I think this area is for SPAM anymore.  The number of SPAM posts is rediculous.

  • I would love to see the calendar integrate with Outlook! Would be nice to have all details of the ticket

  • So will the WHD Calendar integrate with the Calendar in Outlook?   Also, has there been any upgrade for the WHD Calendar to pop-up a reminder for the Tech to see when they have something due?   The update request is old 2013.   I thought I might be missing something.   Our version is 12.6.  I was able to integrate somehow a column for WHD in outlook Calendar, but it didn't pull the ticket reminders along with it.   Please elaborate.   Thanks.

  • I am a primary tech for a school district. We are all-in with Google. I would love to have an API connection to Google Calendars from WHD to auto create the calendar entry in a specific Google calendar, based on the user logged in, and added to the "Client"'s Google calendar as well. I see this as being possible if it looked at the user's Email address field, or even having a specific "Google Account" field, in case the users have multiple email addresses they want to use in their WHD account.

  • It all depends on how you use your tickets, you may have to adjust your process to fit solarwinds, however we now have a calendar it does what most people want this issue needs to be closed, any changes need to be future request.

    Why do we still have this Open it was posted in 2013?