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over 1 year ago

View count for FAQ

This idea is have a view counter as a column under the FAQ screen that would show total number of views per FAQ, it could help in comparing total views to total number of votes to total number of ratings to see if documentation is effective.

I had previously opened a ticket on this with Case #416001 - "Times FAQ has been viewed"

  • Also by who/what/how:

    E.g. Public / Company / Location / Department / Clients/Techs / Tech Group / Request Type etc - it's good to know your audience

    Available as report would be good too, so we could do date ranges etc

    Might want to also add 'was this FAQ helpful?' question for feed back at the bottom of each FAQ


  • That's a great idea.  Frequently I find that users have no idea of all the helpful information I add into the FAQs.