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over 3 years ago

Vacation calendar in Web Help Desk

Would like to see a vacation calendar in Web Help Desk that places the Tech in vacation mode automatically.

  • Agreed. Vacation timed tied to a status in Outlook or SharePoint would allow for setting vacation in one location.

  • Totally just thinking of that as I'm the whd admin and people are always forgetting to turn on/off

  • It would be very helpful if the vacation time could be set up to automatically turn on at a given time/date and then back off at a given/time similar to how an out of office reply can be scheduled in MS Outlook

  • In my environment when a user (tech and/or client) is either sick or on vacation the user Active Directory account is locked out until they are back at work. What I think can be added to this feature is that once the account is disabled in Active Directory automatically the tech is flagged as on vacation so no tickets gets routed to him.

  • Cannot believe this is not part of the program already. We only have 3 techs but what if tech 1 is off, then after that tech 2 is off, but overlapping them is their manager who is off and therefore cannot set the on/off vacation manually? Makes a joke of the auto-rules/assignment process in the first instance - more damaging is the fact tickets can be wrongly allocated. Would have thought an on/off schedule would be a default feature?