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Paste screenshot or image into ticket

We would like users to be able to paste screenshots into a ticket.

We want things to be as simple as possible for users and this would save them a couple steps when attaching screenshots.

  • 2 years on from CRoth2's post, and still nothing has been done. The UI is so ancient now, my techs are complaining and wanting to move to something different. While there was little no development for many years, and now there is some, it is still far and away archaic software that desperately needs a modernization refresh. Every time there is an update, I have some (but very little) hope that there are some actual UI enhancements when I see "WHD XXXX offers new features and improvements compared to previous releases of WHD.", but its always 3rd party improvements (SQL database updates and Tomcat updates, etc.). There is practically nothing other than bug fixes ever done. Its actually kind of shocking that in roughly a decade, there are still so many bugs present in software that has practically nothing new and major added to it in that time.

  • Nearly 8 years later and doesn't appear to have been added in anyway; at least not in what we just installed new and moved to,  Please this would be very nice for users to be able to embed the screenshot by pasting.  To that same notion, old forum code stuff, like [i] [b] [list] come on...we need a modern editing interface were when you bold something it is bold right aware when typing it, not having to save before seeing your formatting.  I mean even this forum has that formatting feature.  Yes, that is probably another forum topic, but it went right along with this as well.  These features are common place now and need to filter their way into an enterprise-ish product such as WHD.  

  • Getting ready to swap over to WHD from Quest Kace. As much as I don't like Kace, it does have this function. I can see this as an issue moving forward from my user base that is use to this feature.

  • Support for modern interactions with the notes field would be huge!


  • Stand corrected, I took a look in old sent gmail messages and the last time I tried this was 2011 and didn't work.  It no longer works like I thought.