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over 3 years ago

Multiple clients on one ticket

It would be nice for a tech to be able to assign multiple clients to a single ticket.

  • I have floated this as a Feature Request with a bit more detail that I think captures the needs expressed in the other comments. 

    Requested Oct 2022: Allow Clients to share tickets (multiple clients can review, track, update a ticket), e.g. a Client Team, or Client Project Manager.

    To elaborate more and keep it within the realm of an individual IT request, senior executives with a technical problem may submit the IT request but then want their Admins to ensure it gets resolved. I might create the ticket at 8 PM on Friday, low priority. But by Tuesday I want to know if it is moving. I also don't want to deal with it. I want my Admin to know if it is moving, and if it isn't then he can follow-up. And if there are specific questions that need answering, he can be the liaison.  But it isn't his ticket.  Likewise, if my subordinates have various issues, I want to be able to quickly check them all at a glance and see where they are at - be it software installations or new email accounts etc. But I don't need to see the entire departments...

  • This is incredibly important to us.  This is the one feature we're missing most in our environment.  We are a school division, and the students often have support issues submitted via teachers, and it is very difficult to correlate.  We would LOVE this feature!

  • Especially when "merging" tickets...the clients from all merged tickets should automatically be added to the merged to ticket...

  • I agree that I'm not so sure it'd be helpful to have more than one client per ticket, and that those CC'd should be able to see the tickets in their web portal.  I don't see, however, why those CC'd shouldn't be able to update tickets by e-mail.  I think that's a good feature too, which should remain in the software.

  • I think rather then multiple clients, clients who are CC'd into tickets should have the option to update/view the ticket through their web portal.

    At the moment they can only update tickets if they email, which is what we are trying to remove as an option.