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Live Chat Capability

Live Chat Capability

Integrate live chat capability that would allow clients who are logged in WHD to initiate a chat based on the request type for their issue. This would initiate a chat with whatever tech is logged into the Web Help Desk. A couple of things this would need in order to be useful:

• Allow chat support to be determined by request type and associated tech groups/lead techs who may be available for chat support.

• Allow techs to become unavailable to chat support (in case a tech group or a tech is not meant to do chat support).

• A way to track who is available for chat support in real time by administrators and/or group managers (perhaps via a widget in the dashboard).

• A way to track conversations with the client getting an e-mail of the conversation and a ticket being generated for record keeping in the system.

• Set a time frame for live chat to be available so that techs who log into WHD after business hours do not accidentally become available for chat support.

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