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over 1 year ago

List and modify client custom fields via API

The WebHelpDesk admin interface supports custom fields for 'clients', but these don't seem to be accessible or modifiable via the API.  I'd like to be able to set and query the values of 'client' custom fields via the API, when creating or listing clients. It is possible to initialise/update/query custom fields for tickets via the API, but does not yet seem to be possible to do this for clients. Is this feature coming?

  • This may not be a highly voted on feature.........but those who would utilize it add value to your product without you needing to do much besides provide the hook. This should be an easy win as you already do it with other data sets that are similarly laid out in the database. I would like to stay out of the database, but the API needs to be flushed out before I can.