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development map

I would love to see what the Webhelpdesk team is currently working on, what you guys have listed as a priority, and what is in the future for development. Right now everything is so closed off there is very listtle we get in way of communication or knowing what is going on with the software ever since the acquisition from Solarwinds.

  • Be sure to note that there is also CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and DESTRUCTIVE criticism when you are stating facts. Constructive criticism is going to win you a LOT more points with the people who you want to tell you things. YOu know that saying about "you catch more flies with honey..." it actually works!! Crazy right?

    IE "This is so F****** stupid, how are we supposed to know what new things they're working on?!?! They should tell us what they're working on!!!" <- They can't do that. What if they mention a feature and it turns out that gremlins keep causing problems in their code! Suddenly, since as pointed out they're publicly traded, their stock prices drop emoticons_sad.png on the flipside, if they don't publicly "commit" they just offer these roadmap documents, they have themselves covered.

    Better way "Hey, I'd be really interested to see what kind of things you and your development team are working on; is there anyway we can do that?" <- to which their answer will probably be something along the lines you got. If you dont like that, tough cookies, it would be bad practice for someone in their situation to promise dates or even publish exactly what they're working on right now and when they expect to be done with it. As he points out above, It changes often!

    If you are upset because you want something in the project, then Submit a New Request or if you just want to discuss the product then Create a Discussion, but keep it civil or there's a good likelihood Peter or Danielle will shut it down.

  • sounds like a good way to go.

  • I will most likely close this thread because of that. There is product forum for general discussions, where we can talk over any topic.

  • you know what? Either way this isnt a feature request.

  • Well, when you finally release the next version of the software (which has taking a ridiculous amount of time) then I will not criticize. I'm not attacking anyone. Just stating facts.