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over 3 years ago

Customizable Company Business Calendar

Although many business have a Mon-Fri work week, the observed holiday/days closed schedule can vary greatly-- i.e., some observe Veterans'/Presidents' Day and others do not. Our research/academic facility has a 6 day Winter Break each December. Currently, Web Help Desk only recognizes a global work week schedule without one-off exceptions. A simple calendar exception feature would be crucial in successfully complying with an SLA, pausing the clock ticking towards Ticket completion time when observing holidays.

  • According to many of the comments in this post, it is important to have this functionality as soon as possible.

  • Wow 2019 and we cannot make provisions for a statutory/public holiday? Come on SolarWinds, you are lagging so far behind other PSA's! We need this feature added sooner than later.

  • Each company / institution has their own open hours / days. Also Alert Levels need to be calculated differently if the company / institution closes e.g. Christmas, Easter or other bank holidays.

    For a modern Call Management System it should be mandatory to configure those days individually, which in turn will change the alerts of the tickets accordingly.

    Hopefully this option will be available soon in 13.0.0 emoticons_laugh.png

  • Can't believe this hasn't been addressed yet.  We have 11 mandatory holidays here that impact on our SLA delivery times.  With hundreds of open tickets across multiple tech groups any given time pending them all this isn’t an option.

  • We would like to set a Holiday or non-business day calendar so that tickets are not impacted by non-business days during the normal week.