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Cloud Hosted Web Help Desk

In this day and age, more and more companies are moving to cloud based solutions, and it would be WONDERFUL if Solar Winds would offer a platform to migrate and host Web Help Desk in the cloud.  It is becoming more and more cumbersome to try to keep up with patches and software updates on local servers.  Since Solar Winds has the infrastructure in place, it would be great if there was a migration path made available to move in-house WHD to a Cloud based version without losing tickets, KB articles, or other automations.

We understand that there are some other cloud based solutions out there, but none offer straightforward migration paths without the loss of valueable data, and it simply just isn't practical to maintain two Help Desk systems (one for live/new issues, and one as an archival system).  We have been using WHD for around 15 years, and it contains a wealth of knoweldge and historical ticket information, and it just seems that it would make sense for Solar Winds to be able to provide such a Cloud Based option.

We would gladly pay a slightly higher license fee to accomodate the hosting charges, as this would save us tons of time in effort in maintaining the server or hosting environment and the WHD application itself.  This would eliminate so many headaches for WHD customers, and ensure that the WHD platform can survive and thrive into the future.

Please VOTE THIS UP so that we can get SW to consider offering such a solution!