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Client information not inherited in child tickets

When generating a ticket for a new hire, it spawns several request types. It would be nice if the client information carried over into the child tickets. I realize that you can see that info in other places, however, you cannot interact with the child ticket until the client information is populated. This should be automated based on the client info in the parent ticket.  Please consider adding a way for the client info from parent ticket to populate in child tickets.

  • Please consider add this in an upcoming update. I have seen that this request/need goes back many years. How difficult is it to make the client field an inherited field on child tickets? 

  • Yes we need this feature also. Techs hate having to go look at the parent ticket to find the client to add it to their child ticket.

  • If it's "designed" this way, then its a bad design. The purpose for creating such is ticket is so that multiple departments can handle the various tasks. It creates more work and confusion. In order to even close the ticket, it needs to be populated with client information. 

  • This is DEFINATELY a great idea!!!  I end up having to program the Tasks with a generic client just to avoid having to get the error and manually populate the client on the CHILD tickets.  I reported this to support like it's a bug but of course they try to sell it like it's designed this way on purpose.  Really hate that about support.  They're never willing to help a developer realize how they designed something poorly and need to fix it...they pawn it off always on "Working as designed".