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over 1 year ago

Client History Searches to include ticket Details searches

Currently experiencing an issue with Client searches on the 12.7 interface. When users search for older tickets they have entered, the only searches they can run is Subject line, ID (ticket number) , and updated.

Would greatly appreciate the ability to do a search for keywords in the details section as that would contain more keywords other then the subject line.    For example, we may have a ticket in for computer broken, but use the details section to explain more indepth content such as what happened, what broke off, other names involved, ect. .

  • I think this is more of a bug then a feature request.  We are experiencing the same problems, but according to the docs:

    Search for a ticket

    Enter the ticket number, ticket status, or a group of words contained in the Subject, Request Details, or Notes in the Search field, and then click the Search icon.

    So it is supposed to do what you are looking for.  However, I can confirm that after our recent upgrade two weeks ago, that this is not how it works in WHD 12.7.1 and is a bug.