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over 1 year ago

Changing Defaults and Sharing Column Sets

It’d be great to change the defaults for tech views. For example, the default column sets for tickets/clients/assets/etc., the default dashboard view, etc. I know that each user can change it themselves, but sometimes it is a bit more difficult to explain that to them.

It'd be even better if I could share out column sets similar to how I can share out Queries.

  • I agree with this.  My boss asked how to do this for the "default" layout to make sure all techs start off with the same layout.   I can't believe this is 6 1/2 year old request and still not possible.  Does SolarWinds actually even look at these feature requests, because I am finding basic functions or requests aren't ever being fulfilled?

  • Also ability to change column width

  • As a new customer setting up WHD for the first time, I would say this is a good candidate for getting added as a feature in the next version update.  Having to log into individual users to set up the same displays over and over again is not my idea of a streamlined setup process.