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over 1 year ago

Better Dashboard and Advanced Search Options

How it works now

It is a very manual process to add items to search queries. You have to do it one at a time, scrolling through drop-down menus for each one.

Proposed changes

Add a string field that we can copy from and paste to. Adding items from the drop-down menus would add text to the string field. Copying that text to a new query would add the items to the list.Obviously you would need data validation for this.

Business Case

It's a lot easier to update and manipulate a text string than it is to hunt and peck for items in a drop-down menu. It would also give us the ability to share search queries and dashboards without being an Admin, simply by copying the query "code" and sending that via email.

  • There are a few changes that I would like to see with advanced search.

    • Allow for the use of a logic statement more than just all of these or these. I would like the ability to give each line a boolean (true/false), use parentheses to group lines, and the existing and/or operators.
    • The ability to say give me results where field A = field B (where client is not creator)
    • Filtering on custom fields is a nightmare. We have a field that is set to A, B, or C. The options to filter on that are is A, B, or C. There is no way for me to tell if there was an entry error and we have something set to 'a.'
  • Another item I want to tag onto this is the ability to search tickets by tech's supervisor.

    The results would show all the tickets of techs that are under the supervisor(s) searched for.

    This would make it easy to create manager dashboards without the need to update the dashboards separately from updating the individual tech accounts.