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Allow Client Admins to search Ticket History for an Asset number

A Client Admin can search Ticket History for their building, but they are unable to search for tickets related to a specific asset tag (computer) that is assigned to the ticket. The Client Admin (principal of the school) would like to know which computers (assets) are in the help desk system at any given time pending repair. 

Ideally the Client Admin should be able to print/export their location's tickets and see the assigned Asset tags in a column on the print/export, or at least be able to search/filter their location's ticket History to find the ticket(s) related to a specific Asset (computer). Or possibly allow the Client Admin to search for an Asset and then click a link to see all the related Ticket History for that Asset.

Currently the only workaround is for the Tech to run a report/export for the Client Admin and send it to them as a point-in-time report, but the Client Admin cannot do this type of search themselves.