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Add Option to Search FAQ's by "Audience"

Right now when searching FAQ's there's no option to search for articles that apply to just a specific audience:

This idea is to add an option to the FAQ Search Screen to search by the "Audience" identified on the FAQ (defaults to Everyone):

Use Case:

A tech is searching for an article that is only applicable to techs (e.g. I need to know how to install the SCCM console on my computer because I just got a new computer).  With the existing search options, the tech will find DOZENS more articles that are necessary in the search if he/she types in just "SCCM" for example into any of the existing search articles.

By adding the "Audience" option to the search criteria, the FAQ search becomes more powerful.  We need a way to encourage techs to search for FAQ's and adding the "Audience" option helps them narrow down what results appear, to just articles that apply to them.