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Add "Do not overwrite existing value" Option to "Attribute Mappings" for Client "AD/LDAP Connections"

This idea is to add "Do not overwrite existing value" Options to the "Attribute Mappings" screen for the  "AD/LDAP Connections" that you can create for the Clients module:

Use Case:

We have an employee directory that contains phone numbers, but many times they are generic numbers that lead you only to department secretaries.  We would like to pull in those generic numbers still for NEW employees, but once we discover what the users REAL phone number is (or if they provide us a private number to use) we want to update their Client Record in Web Help Desk with this "private" number and have it stay.

This feature would allow us to do that and not risk having the SYNC overwrite the "private" number the client gave us, then next time it runs...with the generic number.  Having this feature allows us the flexibility to bring in at least a number for NEW employees that will help us eventually get to the person, without throwing away phone numbers we obtain "along the way" for employees who give us more private numbers to dial them at.

Without this feature?  We really find using Web Help Desk to contact employees fruitless and you instead resort to looking up those private numbers elsewhere that people often keep on sticky notes or in their Google Contacts or iPhone Contacts list.  This product has so much potential...if only someone would actually develop it!