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over 1 year ago

Add CC email notification to support cases

When Completing the online form "Open a Support Case", add a field which allows the requester to input email addresses to be CC'd on all case notes/updates, just as the requester is emailed updates.

Entered CC'd email addresses will receive all email updates as the case notes are updated, juts as the requester currently receives them.

Currently there is no way to add CC'c emails to a case. We can write this into the case notes, but then each involved support rep must read that note and remember to CC any additional people we want notified, this is very inefficient and the other members of our internal monitoring team often do not get CC'd, we have to remind support reps each time to copy other team members. You can add a form field to the "Open a Support Case" page that could be filled in with the CC'd emails, and the system can then respond to these as well as to the requester for any case updates.

Please note that most monitoring solution companies already have this feature in place, we recently used Zenoss and Dynatrace and they both have this simple communication ability - Solar winds needs to include this feature as well.


  • Hello fluffy Midnight,

    Is this action rule something that tech support or customer service can add? I am referencing opening new support cases in the customer portal, not within Orion platform. If you know where or how to create an action rule in the customer portal please let me know, i do not see this functionality, that is why I submitted this feature request. This request may not be in the right place, as there is no where to really address feature requests on the customer web portal. i did also open a customer support case to see if that route might get some results as well.


  • Hi bstaub​,

    A potential workaround for the issue you've raised in this request would be to add CC's via an Action Rule (this would overwrite any CC's you add though), or to have an email send via an Action Rule to send to specific users that you add to this rule.