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Add Advanced Search Condition to Allow Searching by Warranty Exp Date

Currently, only the following "Date" options exist for searching Assets by dates:

This idea is to add another option to this search condition called "Warranty Exp. Date" and associated search options, so that you can search for assets that:

  • Have a warranty that will expire within this year
  • Have a warranty that is CURRENT (not expired)
  • Have a warranty that is EXPIRED (not current)
  • Have no warranty expiration date (unassigned)

This is needed because the only other way to locate assets based on their "Warranty Status" is to use the REPORTS module.  However, the ability to report on assets that have CURRENT Warranties or Warranties that will be expiring, currently doesn't work because of a bug in the system.

Assuming this bug was to get fixed, then it would make sense that you could create reports to show warranty statuses of your assets --or-- simply search for and find assets based on a warranty status (or dates).