Is there a way for the client to change Request Type after the ticket is created?

We are using WHD slightly "off-label" for processing various service requests, not just IT help. There is considerable back-and-forth communication with our clients. Based on the Client's responses we route tickets to different Tech Pools and tickets often go Client-Tech1-Client-Tech2-Client-Tech3 before being closed.  As the subject says, is there a way for the Client to change the Request Sub-Type after the ticket is created? Our current work-around is to have a Custom Field which is a drop down that mimics a list of request sub-types. The Client can change the selection and then a set of Action Rules checks for each value in the Custom Field and updates the Request Type.

While this does work, it is getting somewhat complicated to follow as out business processes grow and expand.  Currently, for each Parent Request Type, I need a CustomField_SubType (but labeled something user friendly) and then an additional set of rules to update the sub-type.

  • So you are wanting the Client to drive the re-assignment of Technicians on the Ticket Request?

    This is not normal as the Technicians will normally escalate to a higher level within the Tech Group or reassign to a different Tech Group.

    If you want them to have control then Action Rules are probably the only solution.

  • Thank you for the prompt reply and Correct; we rely on the Client to identify the scope of what is required. A single request may have multiple components but we have standardized our processes and are somewhat agnostic with regards to which individual Tech works a particular task, provided it is worked by the correct group, as the groups have different training.
    While every request has a Start and End, the client may require none, some, or all intermediary steps and if they indicate the Request is Started (but not finalized) we can't route it anywhere other than back to the client for more information. (The Client usually knows at the beginning of the process which steps they will need, but when they are ready for them can vary and the intermediary steps are not necessarily dependent on prior steps. In most cases it is not practical nor desirable to wait until the full process can be determined before starting to work the ticket.)