Email processing error - ERROR whd.daemon.daemons.emailticket - Error while attempting to process new email tickets

We are having a repeated and consistent error that reads:

[MailTicketDaemonExecutor-thread-1] ERROR whd.daemon.daemons.emailticket - Error while attempting to process new email tickets from {email_address_redacted} (host 'null'): java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Specified folder cannot be found or there are more than one with provided name. Please revisit your settings

Could somebody please provide some guidance on which settings to check?  We are receiving and sending emails as expected and do not allow tickets to be created via email. In terms of functionality we are not seeing any issues, but it is cluttering the error log and making it difficult to isolate other errors that are causing problems.  This error is popping every minute, presumably when the system looks for the "specified folder" but can't find it.

We are 12.7.9 using OAuth, Build #

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  • Hi ,

    I don't suppose you are using a shared mailbox in Office365?

  • Hi Phil, no - all the accounts are dedicated Service Accounts.  We have two instances of WHD (Prod and Test). Each instance has two email accounts to handle different ticket flows.  The accounts are configured with OAuth and the email accounts exist as "clients" when syncing with LDAP.

    In Production we are not seeing this error; in Test we are.  All four accounts are valid and actively sending & receiving email.  I expect this is a configuration issue where we need to add a valid path someplace, but I don't know where.

  • I have seen this error when connecting to a non English Mailbox and the "Inbox" is not actually called "Inbox".

    If it is English based and you are sure there are no other folders called "Inbox" as subfolders the I would personally remove the App Registration in Azure and create a new one which you should have new Client ID & Secret, making sure when you Authorize, you do it using the credentials of the Mail Account and not the Azure Admin.

  • It's worth doing the WHD mail config changes in InPrivate / Cognito web browsing so you ensure you get the correct auth login, as I find that it sometimes is cached by the browser.

  • Yes, seen that as well, especially when using Windows 2FA & WHD ADFS which locks you into your own credentials whereas you need to supply the mail account credentials to do the authorize. I have one customer who has 30 Inbound Mailboxes so this is a big pain once every 90 days - thanks Microsoft!

  • To close this out, the problem was the "authorizing" user was not the same as the email user. As described in the other comments, I suspect this was a case of during the process to setup and login as each of the Mailboxes there was one instance where it was overlooked to logout from the browser and therefore it had a mismatch on the email/authorizer.