Word wrap issue in 12.7.10 again

Similar to a previous hotfix needed in 12.7.1, I upgraded yesterday from 12.7.8 to 12.7.10 and now I'm seeing the Word wrapping issue in the ticket Request Detail field issue that was fixed in hotfix HF:

SolarWinds Web Help Desk Hot Fix (WHD-3817 and WHD-3816)

This hot fix resolves the following issues:

* Word wrapping in the ticket Request Detail field

I'll open a ticket on this as well, but I didn't know if anyone else on 12.7.10 has seen any word wrap issues as well yet. 12.7.10 to fix our OAuth email issues, but now we have the word wrap issues

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  • See below. I think this used to be something you could adjust in the bb_code.xml under the whd-web.jar file, but I can't find bb_code.xml within whd-web.jar anymore, so I don't know if it's deprecated. We also have problems with YouTube videos not showing correctly now, although I'd rather just have the URL appear and not the video window.