Web Help Desk - Multiple Organizations

Is anyone using Web help Desk with Multiple organizations?  We are hoping to use our WHD for our IT department, as well as our public safety and facilities

  • Definitely, we have customers with multiple installations servicing different departments & companies as well as one big installation servicing different areas of the business.

    The big question of what to do is always do you want Tech Admins to have access everywhere with an install, for some with HR involved it is definitely no. Sometimes the needs of different departments forces separate installations ie separate Request Types, processes and custom fields required.

  • ok, If we werent worried about Tech Admins having access to other departments, what are our next steps to setting up these departments in our system?

  • We use WebHelpDesk for our internal servicedesk and some customers have their own tech account. Using the built in rights and division in customers we are able to keep things seperated.

  • Would your end users be accessing WHD via the Client Interface or just via E-Mail?

  • Our IT department was using WHD but we use our own instance of WHD "off-label" for purposes completely unrelated to IT management.

    We have a separate license, separate techs, etc.  Within that, we have two books of business that are largely independent. We use Tech Groups and custom action rules to direct tickets where we want them to go. As mentioned in other comments, the Techs are able to see across the wall if they want to but in terms of workflow it works well for the most part and we don't have a requirement to segregate the Techs. 

    Some of our Clients are more hands-on and we have some Client-Specific Tech Groups/Permissions.  This costs a tech-license for each client-tech but enables a lot more functionality at a client specific level. Specifically, since anybody can submit a ticket, some Clients want to intercept it before it comes to us for processing. They can then update Custom Fields as necessary before sending it our way.  My one complaint is the granularity at the Client level is either single Individual or entire Department (Location doesn't work for our situation).