Create a WHD Ticket from Sharepoint Online


I have a customer that is using REST API to create a ticket to WebHelpdesk from their on premise Sharepoint and it works since years.
They will migrate to Sharepoint online soon and their Sharepoint administrator says that they can't use anymore REST API provided by WHD but PowerApps.

Is there someone who is already doing this and if so, how do you achieve this ?

Also opened a ticket to Solarwinds but pretty sure they will tell me that it is out of their scope.

Thanks for your support

Christine Delhougne

  • Hello Christine,

    This is 100% possible, and you are correct to assume that SolarWinds will tell you it is out of their scope/support.

    You can connect Web Help Desk with PowerApps by setting up an API server, configuring a custom connector, and send/receive the API commands to run back and forth based on the form you have created.

    I am unable to be specific into the exact specifics due to the nature of the configuration involved - however, searching about Custom API in PowerApps, PowerApp Custom Connector, and anything to do with Dedicated API Server should help you a lot in your task.